The Friends we Love to Hate and Hate to Need

The term “frenemies” has been used to describe those people or entities that we would assume were our friends, but actually work against us, but in a “friendly” way. They are our friends, but also our enemies.
These people may be an arch rival at work, school, or in a community organization. It could be those people who support you when it works for them, but withdraws support if a sacrifice on their part is required. Yet, there may be times when we have to rely on our frenemies or be supportive frenemies ourselves.

At work, you may have a “colleag-emy” who gets under your skin, but with whom you must get along for the greater good. If you have kids, you may have to get along with other parents as they help you out with your own kids, these might be “parent-emies.” Or perhaps you are trying to deal with “church-emies” at church, “frenemies” in the neighborhood or in social groups.

When you think about frenemies, do you have people who quickly spring to mind? Leave a comment and share your frustrations with your “colleag-emy” or “parent-emy” or “frenemy.” And share your success stories in how you were able to handle the relationship effectively! What happened, how did the relationship evolve, and how did you manage the situation?

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