About Suzanne

Suzanne is a North Carolina native who successfully transplanted herself to the Midwest. She was once quoted in the Washington Blade as believing┬áthat the key to success in life is being able to “bloom where you are planted.” Fifteen years later, she is still a firm believer in this adage. She has spent the past decade moving between the deep South to the northern reaches of Illinois. Admitting that it is sometimes difficult to plant one’s roots deeply or grow in less hospitable climates, she still believes that each of us can make better the spaces and places we inhabit.

She is a writer, a counselor, a professor, and an administrator. Her greatest accomplishments, however, are her three beautiful children who have grown into wonderfully dynamic adults! She also takes a sense of satisfaction in and gratitude for the creation and development of her relationships with loved ones, family, friends, and the various people who may just appear in one’s life for a moment. Life is about finding your place and building connections — wherever you might be.

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